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Online LoadRunner Testing Training

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Our Online Loadrunner and Performance Testing course is intended for Beginners, Web Designers and Web Developers to master the concepts of PHP MySQL to create own PHP applications.

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  • Static Content, Dynamic Content, Web Hosting
  • Features of Browsers
  • Types of requests (GET vs POST)


  • Query String, From Data
  • Networking modules (OSI Module, TCP/ IP)
  • Web/ APP/ DB Servers and their purpose


  • Types of Operating Systems (Widows, Linux, HP UX, IBM AIX, MAC)


Introduction to Performance Testing

  • What is Performance Testing Benefits of Performance Testing
  • Performance Testing phases / Life Cycle
  • Types of Performance Testing (Load, Stress, Volume, Endurance, Baseline, Benchmark etc)
  • Introduction about various Performances Testing tools and scripting language info
  • Indentifying the business scenarios for Performance Testing
  • Think time, rendezvous point, IP Spoofing, Denial of Services Attack
  • Workload Characterization

Introduction to Load Runner

  • Introduction about the LoadRunner with various versions
  • Components of LoadRunner and purpose of each component
  • Load Generators, Calculating the # of LGs for a load test

Virtual User generator

  • A Small introduction about the C language (Variable, functions, loops)
  • Recording a Script
  • Record Log, Generate Log, Replay Log and Correlation results log
  • Regenerate Script, recording options


  • Run time settings
  • Correlation
  • Parameterization
  • Page Validations
  • Transaction Timers
  • Think times


  • Randomizing the script
  • Frequency used C functions
  • Debug a script
  • LR Variables Vs C Variables custom Requests
  • Tips for advances scripting



  • Manual Scenario Vs Goal oriented scenario
  • Schedule by group Vs Schedule by Scenario
  • Adding Load Generators and verifying the connectivity (Performance test environment setup)
  • Run Time settings
  • Executing the tests
  • Configuring the Rendezvous, IP Spoofing etc.
  • Auto collection of results, issues with auto collection, sampling intervals
  • Monitoring servers through controller
  • Windows resources, UNIX resources, other servers


  • Adding graphs
  • How to start Analysis (Analysis approach using Client side and server side measurement)


  • Web Page Diagnostics
  • Advanced Filters/ Drill down


  • Raw data/ Graph data
  • Merging graphs


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